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For the past week, Rebecca, my best friend from London came to visit me in Hyderabad before she goes off to tour the rest of India! How lucky am I? We spent the week visiting some of my favorite restaurants and places in Hyderabad. Along the way we got caught in a monsoon,  ate lots of yummy food I’m going to miss, and went shopping a lot and laughed the whole way through. Yesterday we went to the Charminar and I bought henna henna and more henna and tons of bangles for gifts. When we went to the top of the Charminar one of the guards was obviously bored and was our personal photographer. He was too hilarious! the day before we went spice shopping with my Director Sumana and I started to realize how much I really am going to miss Indian food. Luckily I bought some spices and chutney to remind me of some of my favorite tastes of India. 

Libby also left Wednesday for a trip around Europe before she meets up with us on our return flight to the U.S. It was very sad to see her go as my partner in crime with Voice 4 Girls and all our crazy adventures out in the city. Catching a rickshaw will never be the same without her. Luckily I trying to think of a way to visit her to experience the South where I can use “ya’ll” for real! As Libby’s eating cheese, rasberries and drinking wine and Starbucks (Ah so Jealous) we’ll be missing her till we’re reunited at the Heathrow Airport in London. 

I’m so lucky to have experienced India with such amazing friends! I couldn’t have done it without them. I’m sad to see both of them go but our love for travel will bring us all together again! North Carolina and London will be next on my travel list! I’m so blessed to have friends all around the world!

Today marks the day 15 on the countdown to Home! Like my Mom said, now that we’re so close it feels like it’s taking forever!! I just can’t wait to be home! Next week I have my last final then Erin and I jet off to Munnar, Kerala! I couldn’t be more excited to hike the mountains and see all the tea plantations and breath in the fresh, misty air! Then I’ll be on my way home! Insanity! I can’t believe it’s all coming to an end! 

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